Jendea Simitecture Header Image  New DLC for Sims3, Sims4 and More! Sims1 and Sims2 Archives

Welcome to the "new" Archive site!

6/15/17 Whoop! I finally converted this ancient site into an archive for older files. The old Jendea Simicture Sims 1 site has been zipped up and is available for faster downloading (bonus: no Papyrus font). The Sims2 sites I made are also zipped together and available to be downloaded in large zips. My seldom seen Zoo Tycoon 1 zoos are available in the "Other Games" section as well.

The site is soon to be active as a updating Sims3, Sims4 and other game DLC site! Feel free to stop by over there to see what's new as I'll only post here if I add more Archived files. I'm so excited to be creating for sims again.
As always ♡ and
Happy Simming!